LEZ ZEPPELIN jump-started it's July Tour in weather that averaged 98-degrees with 500 percent humidity. Blasting our way through Arkansas, we had a helluva time rockin' Neumeier's Rib Room in Fort Smith, with its awesome outdoor stage, palatial "Rolling Stones" themed Green Room and the best ribs this or that side of the Mississippi.  Not to mention that some of us picked up a pair o' cowboy boots in the hip little town where time stood still.   Then, onto Fayetteville, where the crowd at George's Majestic sprayed us with ice water as we plied them with a great Zep Sweat Set.  Talk about a bodily cleansing; two hours of Zeppelin in clubs with no AC is a bit like taking a Turkish bath. By the end of Arkansas, Steph's pants nearly dropped to her ankles and Harrington-Squyres was able to wipe down the entire outside of the bus with her post-show tee shirt. So wonderfully 'rock and roll,' we thought as we steered Darlene out of Appalachia and onto Route 66 heading for St. Louis.


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