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We had a rockin' time at the Gramercy Theatre and then again in Boston, where crowds came out in droves despite threats of (and actual!) blizzards, the bone-chillin' Arctic wind, not to mention Super Bowl fever.  For those who got snowed under, here's a cool review from the New York, complete with loads of pics, some video footage and a pre-show interview with Steph:

Ten years gone. Ten more to follow...

In 2009, there was  the majestic drone of India, the crowded, magical streets of Mumbai, jamming in the back lounge of our mighty tour bus at three in morning by candlelight, bare-footing the waves at Venice Beach, the rain on a (hot) tin roof in Birmingham, Alabama that grows thunderous after the crowds have gone and the last of the gear is moved out.

Magick Bus

Detroit Rock City.  20-something degrees with flurries on the way.  Yet it is smoldering inside the Magic Bag where a record number of Lez Zep lovers have gathered to celebrate with us and recite the incantations of sonic ceremony.  In such a time of economic duress, it is heartwarming to see a packed house of people, many of whom tell us that they are grateful to forget their troubles for just a little while.  We have many loyal fans and friends here, and there's no doubt that Detroit is a place where the music lives and breathes.

Arch Angels

So, there's a gargantuan, glistening arch planted right here in the front yard of the Hyatt (Riot) House in St.

Filet Mignon and Gong

Last night's gig at the Sellersville Theatre was duly marked by the conspicuous display of our newest toys (pics soon to be posted...), which happily withstood the promised assault of four girls in full feral energy at the front end of a tour.  Of particular note was the oversized Paiste gong looming over Harrington-Squyres' right shoulder, and the giant she-incarnation of Bonzo's symbol shimmering at every thunk of her impossibly large bass drum.

Sellersville, from what we could tell from the drive around the block in the bus, seems a quaint little town with a lot of old fashioned Norman R

On the road again...

This lovely gray morning with a sky the color of the great English heath, we hit the road in our brand new, very own tour bus!  We call her Darlene, we call her Dom Perry-Neon, we call her the Great While Whale!  It is her maiden voyage and she has done us proud.  We are so happy relaxing in the "back lounge" on our leather couch that Elvis once slept upon, trying to figure out where to hang the trapeze.  As if that weren't blissful enough, once we arrived at the Sellersville Theatre, a lovely Victorian-esque burlesque in the heart of the Pennsylvania hills -- and we did arrive unscathed!  --

Heavy Metal Book of Lists

Steph's amusing "Pagey" contribution to the "Heavy Metal Book of Lists" (the "Spinal Tap" of books!)


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