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Ladies, amazing show in

Ladies, amazing show in Virginia on 7/16. People who watch the videos here or on youtube can't really get an appreciation for the lengths you all go to in order to put on a fantastic show. Being one of those fans depressed that RP won't allow a reunion to happen (and that his voice left him years ago), this is as good as it gets to bring out the old era, staying true but also freshening it up a bit. There is too much that you all do in your show to list out everything that a true fan would appreciate, from the bow to the sound box to the mandolin to the gyrations ala Plant (I'm still trying to rectify in my mind that it's ok to get aroused even though I realize they were eerily similar movements to RP). However, the loudest cheer of the night was deservedly for your drummer. Although you all were very skilled and studious in your craft and I certainly could go on about each of you, there were lots of over 40's Ledheads in the crowd like me who were completely blown away how she crushed the drums THE ENTIRE SHOW in a way that would have made Bonzo smile - that ability, even more than than RP vocals, is what is really missing from many zep cover bands. Woman, you are an absolute beast - you truly make the group legit. PLEASE GO OUT AND SEE THESE GALS - EVEN COMING IN WITH HIGH EXPECTATIONS, THEY WILL EXCEED THEM !!! Come back to VA soon.


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